Martin McQuillan: “Marx, Derrida, Shakespeare”

Posted: Monday 10 Feb 2014
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To launch the KISS (Kingston Shakespeare Seminar Series), “Shakespeare and Law” Martin McQuillan from the London Graduate School will present a public lecture: ‘Marx, Derrida, Shakespeare’ From 5:30PM on Wednesday, February 12 at the Rose Theatre, Kingston Upon Thames. The full “Shakespeare and Law” programme can be found here: KISS “Shakespeare and Law” Spring 2014-3 [...]

Upcoming public lecture hosted by the London Graduate School at Kingston University: “Art Practice as Non-Schizoanalysis and Myth-Science (Case Study: Plastique Fantastique)” Simon O’Sullivan (Goldsmiths, University of London) 5-7PM on Tuesday, March 18 in the John Galsworthy Building Room 0002 at Kingston University. Using Plastique Fantastique as case study this talk will develop the idea [...]

Laruelle and LGS at Cerisy La Salle, France

Posted: Monday 27 Jan 2014
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    Laruelle and LGS at Cerisy La Salle, France The Centre Culturel International de Cerisy and the London Graduate School are happy to announce a forthcoming colloquium dedicated to the work of François Laruelle. Entitled ‘La Philosophie non-standard de François Laruelle’, the colloquium will take place 3-10 September 2014. The colloquia held at Cerisy [...]

Philosophical Screens Event: “Experiencing the Body of Film” – Lucy Bolton on The Machinist (Brad Anderson, 2003). Lucy Bolton presents a reading of The Machinist that explores how cinema provokes profound and meaningful bodily affects. Whether we recoil in horror from graphic gore, or are aroused by erotica, the immaterial mode of cinema has an [...]

Humbug U – Martin McQuillan relates a Christmas tale

Posted: Friday 20 Dec 2013
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Martin McQuillan T’was the weeks before Christmas and Gideon Scrooge sat in his office at the great Chancellery in the heart of London town. Gideon was a man of austerity. He was known for his dislike of excess of any kind. He was not a man to be swayed by the plight of the unemployed, [...]

Listen to the Ernst Bloch London Symposium

Posted: Tuesday 17 Dec 2013
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The work of Ernst Bloch posits a utopian impulse that Fredric Jameson has described as ‘governing and encompassing everything, from games to patent medicines, from myths to mass entertainment, from iconography to technology, from architecture to Eros, from tourism to jokes and the unconscious’. On Thursday, December 12th, The London Graduate School in association with [...]

AHRC-funded PhD studentships available to LGS applicants

Posted: Wednesday 04 Dec 2013
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Based at Kingston University, the London Graduate School is pleased to announce that it is able to consider PhD applicants for AHRC-funded studentships from 2014. Kingston University is a member of two consortia that have been awarded a total of £15.9m by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to fund more than 200 postgraduate [...]

Due to strike action scheduled for all higher education institutions in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, December 3, the final London Graduate School Seminar with Professor Samuel Weber has been cancelled. The final seminar with Professor Weber will now be held on Tuesday, November 26 at 4PM in JG0003. For more information regarding the LGS [...]

MA in Psychoanalysis at The London Graduate School

Posted: Tuesday 12 Nov 2013
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MA in Psychoanalysis The course is based on a structured study of the fundamental texts of Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis. It provides the perfect foundation for doctoral research in clinical psychoanalysis or psychoanalysis applied to other fields such as literature and philosophy, film and media. The Psychoanalysis MA is the only MA in the UK [...]

Listen to “A Symposium on Resistance”

Posted: Monday 11 Nov 2013
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On Friday, November 8th, The London Graduate School in association with Art & Philosophy @ Central Saint Martins hosted “A Symposium on Resistance” with Jacqueline Rose, Peter Hallward, Costas Douzinas, Michael Dillon and Howard Caygill. The symposium debated the possibilities and limits of a politics of resistance, its ambivalent relationship to the project of revolutionary [...]