The Humanities and Money: a power breakfast

Posted: Saturday 28 May 2011
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The recording of Thursday’s ‘Humanities and Money: a Power Breakfast’ can be heard here These are challenging times for the arts and for our universities.  Everywhere we look it would seem that culture and its study are in the front line of the squeeze on public spending.  Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the proposed […]

Listen to Samuel Weber at LGS

Posted: Friday 20 May 2011
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To listen to Samuel Weber’s lecture on singularity and literary cognition, presented to LGS at the Swedenborg Hall on 16th May 2011, click here Samuel Weber is Avalon Foundation Professor of the Humanities at Northwestern University.

Science and Truth

Posted: Sunday 15 May 2011
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Browne’s prioritization concurs with Steven Hawking’s view that science is all we need to answer the big questions of philosophy, and the latter can fight for its survival among the other idols of the marketplace. Science has even superseded literature, Darwin having displaced Shakespeare as the touchstone of National Genius.

The Daily Mail and the Stephen Lawrence Murder by Brian Cathcart

Thursday 02 Nov 2017
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Read Brain Cathcart's article in Political Quarterly here The Daily Mail's coverage of the 1993 race murder of Stephen Lawrence has been held up as...