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Isabel Millar

Isabel Millar is current doctoral research student with the London Graduate School, Kingston University

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Isabel Millar’s doctoral research draws on contemporary theory and Lacanian psychoanalysis to examine political subjectivity and the changing nature of the social bond. Her work engages with both emerging cultural phenomena and clinical pathologies. Sexuality; violence and political action form a central triad in her thought. Most recently she has presented her research paper on “The Subject Of Ordinary Psychosis” at the 2016 Society for European Philosophy and Forum for European Philosophy Joint conference. She is currently Secular Advisor at Westminster University, a new initiative to cultivate institutional and inter-cultural relations in response to the urgent need to engage questions around political theology in society. Isabel Millar has a BA in Philosophy from Sussex University and an MA in Psychosocial Studies from Birkbeck, University of London.

Email: isabel.millar@gmail.com

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Thursday 02 Nov 2017
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